What is the difference between a wired control system and a radio system?

Somfy guarantees its motors, automatic systems and accessories for roller shutters and blinds for 5 years from the date of manufacture marked on each product. Motors, automatic systems and accessories for gates and garage doors are guaranteed for 3 years from the date of manufacture. The Dexxo Pro is the only garage door motor that is guaranteed for 5 years from its date of manufacture.

What makes Somfy home automation products different?

Somfy approaches home automation from the standpoint of motorizing the openings round the home. With the perfection of Somfy Radio Technology followed by the development ofio-homecontrol® in collaboration with leading home equipment manufacturers, home automation controls no longer need any electric wiring. This means a home automation installation can be upgraded at any time without costly building operations or a complete make-over. Home automation has become simpler and more versatile. With Somfy, you're sure that your "home automation investment" will bring significant long-term added value to your property, whether it's just a garage door or the whole house, from heating system to skylights. 


What's the difference between Somfy Radio Technology and io-homecontrol®?

The common factor between the two home automation technologies is simplicity of installation without electrical wiring for the control points. They are also equally adaptable, as you can add motorized equipment or automatic systems according to your needs, without having to reconfigure the system.
Lastly, they both make life easier thanks to their extensive remote control capabilities with which you can control your entire installation from the same control point. While Somfy Radio Technology primarily relates to home openings, with io-homecontrol® you can control other equipment around the home, such as heating, lighting, ventilation or access security.