Why Somfy? - Fact and Figures

Fact and Figures

Who is Somfy?
Somfy is the world leader in motors and automation for openings and closures in homes and buildings. Since its creation in 1969, Somfy innovating to anticipate comfort needs, security and energy savings for users.

Creator and referent for the Home Motion.
Pioneer in a global and interoperable offer, Somfy has invented the Home Motion. With the Home Motion by Somfy, all products are interoperable, it means developed to operate in a coordinated manner. Better, they facilitate the evolution of the installation at any time. A plus to build customer loyalty!

International Actor
French brand, Somfy is present in many countries through a network of 52 subsidiaries and 26 offices on the five continents. With 8 production sites, Somfy has an assembly industrial tool to be efficient and responsive. Its requirement of quality lets satisfy the needs of 220 million users and 30,000 professional customers around the world.

Facts and figures:

  •      6000 collaborators
  •      including 400 in the Research & Development
  •      more than 50 new products launches in 2010
  •       42 registered patents
  •      32,000 professional customers in the world
  •      270 million users
  •      8 production sites
  •      Logistics, delivery 48 hours

More: somfygroup.com

A partner which shares your ambition
A "win-win" relation to grow with you

"Pro" services at your disposal


  •      Training
  •      Selection guide
  •      Help sales, communication
  •      Logistics 48 h

Shared Values
Somfy, a good value for your added value


  •      The endurance of our motors are tested in the hardest weather conditions, accounting for 10 cycles / day and 10-year lifespan.
  •      100% of Somfy motors are controlled during production on their main mechanical, electromechanical and electric characteristics.
  •      Somfy offers to its business customers a 5 year warranty on its motors and automation from their date of manufacture.
  •      Partnering with Somfy means working with an industry leading provider of motors and controls for motorized blinds, motorized shades, motorized draperies, motorized awnings and motorized rolling shutters. Somfy has been offering products with unsurpassed performance which reflect years of innovation and development. The result is a reputation for state-of-the art products that are simple to use, easy to install and are dedicated to providing full value and satisfaction to end users. Our commitment to this exceptional level of quality is demonstrated with our industry leading warranty of 5 years.

  • Somfy offers its professional customers (installers, manufacturers, resellers, etc.) a five-year warranty on its motors and controls, starting from the date of manufacture. This is offered in the context of conditions clearly set out for professionals. Ask your installer for details.


  •      More and more simplicity for you and your customers in terms of integration, installation and services.
  •      Targeted offers to user needs: security, welfare, energy saving


- TaHomA ®: internet service of Somfy to control, schedule and supervise easily all equipment of the home, even at a distance.  
- Isolation Dynamics ™: shutters and sunscreens of the home interact automatically with the environment to save energy.


Our products are SASO Certified 

All products entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must comply with the requirements of the Conformity Assessment Program enforced by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. In order to clear the Saudi customs, all imports require a Certificate of Conformity (SASO CoC) issued by an authorized 3rd party provider in the country of product origin. This mandatory Certificate asserts that the products and / or manufacturing processes comply with the Saudi national standards issued and adopted by Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization, and is therefore required for a smooth custom clearance for imported goods.

The SASO certification scheme is in line with the Saudi Future Vision for Quality 2020 program, through which the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) aims to improve and develop the quality of the products and services sold in Saudi Arabia, by accrediting certification bodies such as AsiaInspection to ensure its implementation

Somfy products respect all regulatory constraints and the security of property and persons.


  •      Energy saving in buildings
  •      Reducing the energy footprint of our activity and our products
  •      Guiding of Governance and Ethics Charter


We develop the partnerships "Powered By Somfy" with the most important manufacturers of sunscreens and closures: motorization and automation are implemented according to a qualitative protocol to ensure an optimal reliability. The logo "Powered by Somfy assure you on each shutter and each blind to the presence of a Somfy motor adapted to its use and guaranteed. ?


This partnership contract concerned independent companies which are committed to respect a quality charter. Their collaborators are attending regular training courses at Somfy.